Dear wanderer,


we were not born

to tread the beaten path.


We were born to walk our unique path, the path that is aligned with our vision for this life.

The life that does not conform, that does not need external validators.

The life that is truly ours.

Silvia, Founder of Knot So Wild

Letting go of everyone else's expectations of us is scary.

What's scarier is living our lives according to social norms

that do not align with our vision.


Personal ponderings on walking this path by cultivating self-inquiry, soul growth and cosmic magic. 

Explore them HERE.

There is a nudge that lives in us.

It is ours to listen to, to follow, to nurture.

It is inviting us to let it grow wild in the world outside of us.


We all have a whisper that lives in us, that is ready to bloom when we're ready to nurture it.

This is your gentle nudge to tune in, listen and explore.

Listen HERE.

Living is a creative act.

When we start to think about our lives that way, we start to be more intentional with our choices.

We start to crave more of what makes our soul happy.

What makes your soul happy?


Hi, I'm Silvia, a maker and a writer, a Lunar Wanderer and a Star-GazerI write about reconnecting and realigning with our vision for our lives through soul inquiry and cosmic magic.

You can read more about my journey of rediscovering the magic HERE.