Dear wanderer, you were not born

to tread the beaten path.

I am here to tell you that...

  • you were born to embrace your whole self

  • you were born to live a life that does not conform

  • you were born to be seen and heard

  • you were born to seek and speak your truth

  • you were born to cultivate your unique path

Seaside walks. Intentional slow living.

You were born to walk your path,

the path that is aligned with your vision for this life.

The life that does not need external validators.

The life that you truly desire.


This is where I share ponderings on self-inquiry, soul growth and cosmic magic to help you reconnect and realign with your vision for your creative life.

You can explore them HERE.

When you tune out the noise, your inner knowing reveals

the answers you've been searching for out there.

Turns out, they were inside of you all along.

Hi, I'm Silvia, a maker and a writer, a Lunar Wanderer and a Star-Gazer. I help creatives reconnect and realign with their vision for their life through soul inquiry and cosmic magic.

I know stepping off the beaten path and letting go of everyone's expectations of you is scary. I also know that living a life of social media hustle and chasing someone else's dream will lead you to burnout and frustration.

That's why I talk to you about soul inquiry through the magic of cosmic can read about my journey of rediscovering the magic HERE.


Letting go of everyone else's expectations of you is scary.

What's scarier is living your life according to social norms

that do not align with your vision.

Getting off of social media was the best damn decision I ever made. It has allowed me to ground myself in the vision I have for my life.


You can hear more about that journey on my Lunar Wanderings - a podcast of my quiet ponderings on self-inquiry, soul growth and cosmic magic.

You can also visit my boards on Pinterest.

If you want to discuss any of it further, please send me an email. I absolutely love connecting with you.