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Dear wanderer, you were not born

to tread the beaten path.

You were born to embrace your True Self.

You were born to a life that does not conform.

You were born to not apologise for who you are.

You were born to be seen and heard.

You were born to accept and be accepted.

You were born to speak your truth.

These Wanderings are gentle nudges to guide you towards your True Self and a life that's truly yours. Sign up HERE.


By stepping off the path,

you will be led to your True Self.

The self that doesn't need external validators.

The self that knows her own worth.

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A space where I share trials-and-errors of finding my own True Self, our conditioning to social norms, plus a few bits and bobs of things that light me up.

You can explore them HERE.

When you tune out the noise, your inner knowing reveals

the answers you've been searching for out there.

Turns out, they were inside of you all along.

We all get that one dreaded question throughout our childhood:


"So, what do you wanna be for the rest of your life?"

If we’re lucky, we know exactly the route we wanna wander down on. But the reality to most of us is that we have no clue. The society gives us this trajectory to follow along with. Go to school, graduate, get a degree, pursue your chosen career, have a family, and then, if we’re lucky, retire to finally “enjoy” our life.


And that, to a lot of us, is enough. But it has never quite been the case for me...and since you're here, I imagine it is the case for you too.

My journey this far...you can read about it HERE.


Letting go of everyone else's expectations of you is scary.

What's scarier is living your life

according to social norms

that do not align with your True Self.

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