Hi, I'm Silvia! I'm so glad you found your way here.

I am a maker & a writer, a Lunar Wanderer & a Star-Gazer.
I help people reconnect & realign with their vision for their creative life through soul inquiry & cosmic magic.

I am here to tell you that...

  • you were born to embrace your whole self

  • you were born to live a life that does not conform

  • you were born to be seen and heard

  • you were born to seek and speak your truth

  • you were born to cultivate your unique path


I know stepping off the beaten path and letting go of everyone's expectations of you is scary. I also know that living a life of social media hustle and chasing someone else's dream will lead you to burnout and frustration.

That's why I talk to you about soul inquiry through the magic of cosmic energies - these are the things that have allowed me to start cultivating self-trust and embracing my inherent pace and place on this earth and ultimately leading me to my dream of slow creative life. My joy is to share that language with you in the hopes it will spark something in you and help you light your way.

I feel grounded in the vision I have for my life.

I want the same for you too.

Here's my journey so far.


When I was a child, the world was a magical place. I would often lose track of time chasing the clouds whilst lying in a tall summer's grass wondering if one could walk on the soft and puffy pillows. I'd be making a wish upon a shooting star and wondering whether there was someone living on the Moon. Somewhere between then and adulthood, I lost that sense of magic and awe.

Others' perceptions of me took hold. I allowed their stories of me to take over my mind. These stories have ruled the majority of my life until a bicycle accident left me with an unlimited amount of time to let my mind wander.

I rediscovered my love for magical things, and through the cosmic language of astrology, I started to weave new stories. I reconnected with my natural gifts. I gave myself the space and time to follow my inquisitive mind and the rabbit holes it wanted to go get lost in. I started to see my life through this cosmic lens and it all made so much more sense.

My life is full of divine synchronicities that have all contributed to where I find myself today. From my dad’s death to my bicycle accident. Now, you may not think of them as Divine synchronicities but they have all brought me closer to whom I was put on this Earth to be.


You see, the bicycle accident was the Universe’s way of cracking me wide open so I could finally stop searching for myself and my life's purpose out there. Lying in that hospital bed with my leg being strapped and straightened, I finally saw sense in everything that had come before. It was the start of my process of surrendering and waiting and trusting. It is what led me to my reconnection with the cosmic magic and ultimately my vision of slow creative life.


The search for my purpose took me from tiny Estonia to Sweden and then to the UK. I experimented with art and design, photography, heritage and museum studies, random odd jobs including a winter season in the Arctic Circle, running a wellness business, quitting that and starting a small handmade business, and now finally coming into and owning my authentic role as a teacher, a guide, a pathfinder to others who have struggled with the status quo but can't seem to find a way out.


So many of us are wandering aimlessly, living from one day to another without a real sense of purpose. We’re constantly looking for our life to mean something. But that search almost always takes us outside of ourselves, out there in the world. What if that purpose is already within us? What if all we’re missing is that map that will help us guide to our true path?

They say you gotta heal yourself first before you can help with healing the world. Can you imagine a world where each one of us healed ourselves first? That is a huge reason why I created this space - to share my own healing journey in the hopes it'll ignite something in you that makes you want to dig deeper into your soul and realign with your vision for your life.


Here are things that help me live my vision of a slow creative life:

*Pottering around the house with a freshly brewed coffee blended with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

*Books, glorious books. Mostly non-fiction.

*Collecting sticks and pebbles and pine cones on nature walks.


*Deep conversations with like-minded souls.

*My journaling practice. It helps me reconnect when I've strayed off my path.

*Macrame. I run a small shop over at Etsy.

*Houseplants. I love seeing what grows and often try to grow stuff from seeds and cuttings. I have a 4-year-old apple tree in my garden that I grew from a seed. And I've accidentally grown a cherry tree from a seed that is a few months old now.

Below are a few ways you can get to know me better. Thank you for being here and I can't wait to connect with you.