My Journey Home

Hi wanderer, I'm Silvia.

Seeker of True Self. Pottering coffee drinker. Occasional fiber art maker. Casual plant parent. A True Sidereal Astrology enthusiast. A Lunar Wanderer.

For someone who hates labels, this is about as specific it gets. I won't bore you with the generic stuff.


Instead, here's a few lesser known facts about me:

  • You may know my love affair with coffee but have I told you about my secret love affair with coffee bags? Yep, I am a sniffer!

  • Whenever I see 11:11, I make a wish. And that happens pretty regularly. Gotta love those synchronicities.

  • Back when I was a teenager, one of my ABSOLUTE favourite pastimes was singing into my deodorant bottle in front of the mirror, and pretend I was a world renowned superstar. Also, my bedroom wall was plastered with BSB posters. Yep, it was me, myself and I most days.

  • I am a total neighbourhood stalker but more in the Rear Window kinda way. Recently that has involved birdspotting. And I am pretty proud to say that I have now witnessed the mating ritual of woodpigeons firsthand. Yep, even the deed! By the way, did you know that woodpigeons mate for life?

  • When I was about 8 or 9, I pushed my brother into a shallow creek. I don't quite know why I did it. I just felt this strong urge to see what would happen. I can see this pattern throughout my life. Not the pushing people in creeks part but the urge to see what would happen if I took on a certain challenge or project. Some fail, some succeed but the main thing for me is the experiences they provide and the lessons they teach. By the way, my brother was absolutely fine, a little wet but otherwise unharmed.


And here’s a few of my passions:


*Freshly brewed coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

*Books, glorious books. Mostly non-fiction.

*Collecting sticks and pebbles and pine cones.

*Macrame. I run a small shop over at Etsy.

*Houseplants. I love seeing what grows and often try to grow stuff from seeds and cuttings. I have a 3-year-old apple tree in my garden that I grew from a seed.


“I am surrendering to my inner knowing and trust that

she knows the path I need to follow.”


Here's my journey so far.

My life is full of divine synchronicities that have all contributed to where I find myself today. From my dad’s death to the most recent “unfortunate” event -  my bicycle accident. Now, you may not think of them as Divine synchronicities but they have all brought me closer to my True Self. They have all taught me a lot of lessons.


You see, the bicycle accident was the Universe’s way of cracking me wide open so I could finally stop searching for myself and my life's purpose out there. Lying in that hospital bed with my leg being strapped and straightened, I was in the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced. The laughing gas they gave me to alleviate the pain took me to a strange alternate Universe where everything realigned. That was the moment I finally saw sense in everything that had come before. It was the start of my process of surrendering and waiting and trusting. It is what led me to discovering my road map. I had been searching for myself my whole life and I finally found her beginning.


The search for my True Self took me from the tiny Estonia to Sweden and then to the UK. I experimented with art and design, photography, heritage and museum studies, random odd jobs including a winter season in the Arctic Circle, running a wellness business, quitting that and starting a small handmade business, and now finally coming into and owning my authentic role as a True Self guide in whatever form it will play out.


So many of us are wandering aimlessly, living from one day to another without a real sense of purpose. We’re constantly looking for our life to mean something. But that search almost always takes us outside of ourselves, out there in the world. What if that purpose is already within us? What if all we’re missing is that map that will help us guide to our true path?

They say you gotta heal yourself first before you can help with healing the world. Can you imagine a world where each one of us healed ourselves first? That is a huge reason why I created this space - to share my own healing journey in the hopes it'll ignite something in you that makes you want to dig deeper into your own True Self.

Let's grab a cuppa and have a chat about all that.





Here's how I share my own healing journey and through that invite you to yours.



A place where I share personal musings on what it means to cultivate a life that is truly yours. A Knot So Wild life. A slow creative life.

The moon has helped me come back to my whole self, the self that I was before the world told me who to be.


Lunar cycles provide us with the chance to take a breath and check in with our inner wisdom, to keep coming back home to ourselves, and realising what truly matters in this life we're given on this earth.
Lunar Wanderings are gentle nudges to guide you back to your whole self.