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Letters on Creative Living

What is that whisper that lives in you?

Some call it a seed. Others call it a dream. Some call it a vision. Others call it a desire.


I call it a nudge.

It's that constant hum you keep hearing at the back of your mind. More often than not it is just white noise.


You can't quite make out what it is but it's there. We see the blurry vision of that something but can't quite articulate what it is. It's that gentle nudge that keeps reminding itself every now and again.


At times it goes into hiding. At times it hibernates for years.


At times you think you've finally gotten rid of it. But then all of a sudden it reappears again, reminding you that it is still here, waiting, lying dormant within you, ready to sprout whenever you so choose to nurture it.

That nudge lives in you for a reason. It is yours to listen to, to follow, to nurture, to tend to.

It is inviting you to let it grow wild in the world outside of you.


It was in September 2020 when I decided I was done chasing things. I'd been trying and failing in building somebody else's dream for 3 years. It was time to reconnect with my vision for my life and build a dream of my own. A year later and I feel truly grounded in the vision I have for my life. The path ahead is untrodden and bumpy but I'm choosing to walk it anyway because it is leading me to a life that is truly mine.

What I want more than anything is for you to tread your path with courage and commitment, but most of all your pace.


I know stepping off the beaten path and letting go of everyone's expectations of you is scary as hell. But I also know that chasing someone else's dream is a one-way Frustration Lane to Burnout City.

That's why these occasional musings are the raw behind-the-scenes bits of walking an untrodden path and figuring out how to live a life rooted in your vision. You'll hear me talk to you about cultivating self-trust, embracing your unique gifts and strengths, and following your inherent pace on this earth that will ultimately lead you to a life that's truly yours. My hope is that these occasional letters will spark something in you and help you light your way.

It would be an honour and a privilege to have you join me and walk this untrodden path together.

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