A Contemplation on Neptune and Ophiuchus

Seeking wisdom and knowledge

Did you know that Neptune wasn't officially discovered until right after midnight on 24 September 1846?⁠

It is suggested that Galileo may have recorded it back in 1612 as a faint star. Had he followed it over a period of time, he'd have had noticed its unusual movement. But he had mistaken it for a fixed star.⁠

In astrology, Neptune represents a person's inner life, faith, higher beliefs, and how a person approaches creativity.⁠

It is a generational planet which means its energy impacts a whole generation of people and not just the individual. Because it takes about 165 years for Neptune to orbit around the Sun, it spends years traveling through the same constellation.⁠

When I was born in September 1983, Neptune was traveling through Ophiuchus, through House 3.⁠

How does this show up in my life?⁠

I have always been a seeker of knowledge, of wisdom. I've always felt that there's gotta be more to life than just our earthly needs and desires. The more I explore my True Sidereal natal chart and my Cosmic Human Design chart, the more I see these qualities appear in both.⁠

Forever a student, forever seeking my truth and having this innate urge and need to share my findings. That's also very prominent in both of my charts.⁠

The charts have allowed me to embrace my natural way of being. The more I explore, the more I am able to use the findings to truly step into my power, cultivate my strengths, and lean into my inner wisdom.

And it's funny because that inner wisdom has always been there but society tells us not to trust ourselves. It gives us a path we ought to follow. But that generic path is not who we truly are. We are conditioned to believe it is. And most of us never question it. But I see it changing.⁠

The more we lean into these different modalities as tools of self-empowerment the more we are able to tune back into our inherent wisdom. Instead of following along like sheep, we tread a path that is truly ours. We make up our own rules. We lean onto our own values. We seek our own answers.⁠

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