Embracing a Slow Creative Life

An Instagram post entry from September 30, 2020:

I don't wanna chase things anymore.⁠
⁠I was chasing for something for 3 years, yet for the last few months, it hasn't quite felt right. So I let go. And it was the most liberating thing I have done this year.⁠
⁠Instead of chasing, I wanna cultivate the soil so that the dreams I do have can grow.⁠

As I'm sitting here in my studio/office with the window wide open, and the warm breeze rushing in, I can't help but ponder on the vision of a slow creative life. Funnily enough, it is not so much about envisioning it materially but rather feeling into it. It is something I have done a lot of since leaving social media - feeling into each moment and cultivating the soil from which it grows.

I didn't realise how far I had strayed from who I am at my core, until I have slowly started to remove the distractions and being left with the bare essentials.

"So, that's what a slow creative life is like," I've found myself saying repeatedly.

I have been challenged in so many ways to rethink every little detail of my life, especially how I show up in the digital space. It is an ongoing process. In the midst of it all, a recent order made me rethink how I want to run my Etsy shop and my creative business in general.

You see, I had been somewhat running it from a place of scarcity. In fact, I had been living my whole life from that very same place. But the more I am getting to what truly matters, the easier I find letting go of things that only take up mental space, and physical space, and creating a business and a life that aligns with all my values and not just some of them.

The person who recently placed an order with me for one of my plant hangers told me to take my time with it. She gave me the permission to truly enjoy every part of the process, and not just rush me into fulfilling her order. I had never felt like that before. I had never been given permission to take my time and enjoy the process. Not that I hadn't enjoyed making all the previous orders but there was always this feeling of having to fulfill the order as quickly as possible.

This made me reevaluate my whole creative process. You see, I want to take the time to feel into each phase of the making process. I want to appreciate the time I do spend on making it for you. I want to show up to the making process wholeheartedly. I want to create it with my vision of a slow creative life in mind.

So what does that look like in practical terms?

For starters, I will be changing my posting times. I will only be posting orders out on Thursdays. And if an order comes in anywhere between 1-3 days before the posting day, that order will not be posted until the following Thursday.

Funny, when I first arrived on Etsy, I'd read all the usual dos and don'ts. One of the big dos was to get the order out as fast as possible. Certain articles and how-tos would talk about how not getting your orders out quickly is a turn-off for customers. Whilst this may work for some shops, it doesn't quite work for me.

You see, I make my orders as and when they come in rather than having a certain number of items ready to go. This is my way of creating a special bond with that person and that piece. Initially, it wasn't like that. Usually, I would try and rush the order and get it done as soon as possible so that it could be dispatched within the 1-3 day period that I would advertise.

And I went along with it because, hello, scarcity.

I never questioned it. I never stopped to think that there was another way - my way.

The various changes I've made this year have given me the courage to keep on making these changes until everything that I do aligns with my core values and my vision of a slow creative life.

Talk the talk and walk the walk, right?

That may mean that I will lose out on orders but that is exactly my point. I don't want to be a part of this whole consumerism culture where we buy things on a whim and expect an instant dispatch note. I want you to buy my creations intentionally, by following your joy.

Handmade should be appreciated from both sides - the maker as well as the customer.

I want to show up and be fully present when I show up to making your piece. I want to make lots of happy dances in between. I want to pour as much of my love and energy into it as possible. That can only happen if you give me time to do so.

And that same courtesy goes to you too. I want you to take your time when deciding to buy from me. I want you to tune into your inner nudges and follow them. I want that piece to bring you awe and wonder, and brighten up your day. That, and also being a practical piece that you can use in your everyday life or on special occasions.

Slowly, Knot So Wild is turning into a way of life, a life that is truly mine. A life that embraces creativity, slowness, flow, and missing out on things that are not valuable to me. Because I know now that if I choose to miss out on one thing, there is bound to be a better thing that is taking its place, a thing that I choose wholeheartedly. That to me is living with an abundance mindset, rather than operating from scarcity.

With this little corner of the internet, I want to empower you to do the same - to live a life that is truly yours, whatever that entails.

And if you feel called to take a peek at my fiber art, you can visit my Etsy shop HERE.