Finding Your Life’s Path Has Nothing to Do with Your Purpose

And everything to do with your inner knowing

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The idea of your life having a singular purpose is becoming more foreign to me. And that is a bold statement since for the majority of my life it has been the complete opposite. I’ve wandered around aimlessly trying to figure out what my life’s purpose is. It has been my mission to find my purpose.

To no avail, I must add.

You might relate.

I’ve also fallen for the trap that your purpose needs to equate to your career. And if it doesn’t you might as well consider yourself a failure. And that is exactly what I’ve done for most of my life. As someone who has multiple degrees under her belt, yet utilises none of them in terms of a traditional career, I would be considered a failure. This capitalistic world teaches us to narrow down on a path that we must follow for the rest of our professional lives until we get to retire and enjoy what we’ve accumulated. It teaches us to fit into neat boxes that don’t shake the status quo.

But that’s not how I work. That’s not my path. And that realisation has come through exploring my astrological natal chart. It has given me permission to just follow my joy and walk down a path that feels right for me. But it hasn’t been easy even with this realisation. Doubt falls as a fog on that path daily.

“What is the path that I’m on?” I ask myself more often than I like to admit.

On the days that self-doubt fogs my brain that path feels like a dead end. On the days I feel my inner fire burning bright it feels like I am exactly where I am meant to be. It allows me to lean into this deep inner knowing, this place of deep inner trust that encourages and empowers the path that I choose to walk.

During the recent waxing quarter moon, I was reminded of that place. I was reminded of my ability to gather data and utilise it in a very intuitive way and ultimately create these monthly lunar energy interpretations that I share on my Lunar Wanderings podcast.

Often my ability is clouded by this idea of right and wrong. It is clouded by my Virgo who needs to know all the tiny details. She needs to be absolutely certain that what she puts out there is in fact so. It is then that my Pisces Moon shows up and whispers:

“I can trust my inner knowing.”

There has been a lot of it this year. There has been a lot of undoing and letting go of things that no longer feel in alignment with who I am and what I want my life to be. And that has come with a price too.

Social media was a thing I was terrified of letting go of. A lot of lessons and realisations have come from releasing myself from that web. Sure, I’ve lost pretty much all the connections I had. But I’ve also realised that since they were lost, they weren’t connections worthy to have. I’ve also felt like an outsider but there’s nothing new to that feeling since my life has always been infused with that energy. Whether that’s present in my astrological natal chart is yet to be explored but I do have a very prominent Uranus positioning as well as an active 12th House.

It’s OK if none of that makes sense to you yet. We will explore all of that in more depth as we lean into the magic of weaving new stories.

But the funny thing is that this act of walking away from social media was deemed courageous. It has become such a default part of our modern lives that the weirdo is the one who isn’t on it. In fact, I read in a marketing book recently that businesses that don’t utilise social media can’t be trusted. This raises the question of how trustworthy is social media? I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

There’s also another funny thing about it. A lot of the conversations I’ve had since leaving social media with the connections that I did get to keep is with people who would love to get off it but for whatever reason can’t seem to let go. Apart from a friend who was in fact inspired by my leaving and soon followed the same path. The verdict? She is loving it!

This waxing moon reminded me of it as Pluto was inconjunct to the Moon. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, of regeneration is ultimately telling us that it is OK to let go because more often something will come and take its place. From my own experience what’s taken its place has way more value to me than social media ever was.

I call the waxing quarter moon the Aligned Movement phase. It is a phase to get clear on the actions that we need to take to realign our lives to what we want them to be, to realign ourselves to our inner values. Here are a few journaling prompts that emerged as I was contemplating the waxing lunar energy.

How can we tap into the abundance of this world and let go of the scarcity mindset?
How can we make sure that the flame we do spread gives out warmth, helps others gather around and does not burn them or destroy them?
What Aligned Movement will help us spread the flame we’re here to share with others?

All in all, I feel like this lunar cycle that started with the New Moon on 6 October is calling us to reorientate ourselves, to realign with our vision for our lives. Therefore, I feel like it is time to refine the idea of purpose. I’m starting to see that it is more of a hindrance than a way to find clarity. It is a way to get fixated on one’s smallness when in fact we should be embracing our big and bold beautiful selves.

With the help of astrology, purpose becomes the intent to embrace one’s wholeness and to cherish all the parts of ourselves. This way it becomes a journey through life rather than a quest for an imaginary destination.

Astrology is a great tool for that as it allows us to highlight our gifts and strengths. But it also allows us to highlight the areas that we can lean into growth. It helps us to recognise our own stories but also the ones that we may have adopted from others.

As we’re embarking on this journey of weaving new stories through the magic of the cosmos, I am certain we will refine this definition of purpose and intent further. It may even shift and change completely. And that’s the beauty of humanity and the journey we are on. We have the power to write and rewrite our stories over and over, both as individuals as well as a collective.

What’s the story you want to rewrite?

First published in my Medium publication Lunar Wanderings on 14 October 2021.