First Quarter in Ophiuchus - Embodying Our Whole Selves

No matter how well we accept ourselves or think we've accepted our whole selves, there will still be moments when our shadows emerge. I've realised that it is not about eliminating them but rather, learning to live with them, to accept them, and to notice them.

This is ultimately what Ophiuchus is here to teach us - accepting all the parts of ourselves and integrating them into our wholeness. And through that process of acceptance, we open that same door for others to meet their whole selves with more compassion and understanding and love.

The shadow that keeps creeping up on me is my productivity shadow. For years I strived for building a wellness business. I put everyone's needs first. I hustled and hustled and in the end, I had nothing left. That same productivity mindset has shown up this year, even through my darkest moments I still felt this urge within me to show up, to utilise this time freedom during my physical recovery in a way that helps me solidify my place in the public sphere - to reinvent myself as a creative, as a writer, as a spiritual thought leader, for the lack of a better phrase.

Until I hit a wall.

Funnily enough, as I've delved more into the depths of Astrology and the transits, this wall coincided with some pretty significant transits through my 12th House. If you're unfamiliar with the astrological houses, the 12th House is traditionally known as the House of captivity, imprisonment, mental institutions, isolation and seclusion. It is the House of self-undoing as I recently learned from my teacher Britten LaRue.

In whatever way we look at it, the 12th House is about solitude, whether it is inflicted upon us or whether we choose it voluntarily. This acceptance that I talk about in reference to Ophiuchus can only take place in solitude, in spending time with oneself, with one's own thoughts and feelings and uncomfortableness. I've talked about this idea of being naked with oneself in a previous Lunar Wandering episode.

"In order to trust our own vulnerability, we need to be willing to explore it on our own. We need to meet our own naked selves. To look deep within ourselves and accept our imperfect beings." Lunar Wanderings, 2 June 2021

This First Quarter Moon occurs in I'Ching 26 - The Taming Power of the Great. It is the image of Heaven within the Mountain. Heaven is within the religious circles the ultimate destination, the place where the Divine power resides. We look to Heaven when we seek answers to the mysteries of life here on Earth. But we all carry Heaven within us. We are the Mountain in which Heaven resides. We're neither inferior nor superior to a God. The answers that we seek most often lie within us. We just need to learn to be still on our mountaintop and listen to the heaven within us.

In Human Design, gate 26 runs from the Heart, the centre of our Ego, our self-worth. Richard Rudd calls the gift of Gene Key 26 Artfulness, which according to him is but another word for Pride, its shadow.

"The 26th Gift celebrates your ego, without self-judgement and in full awareness." Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

This creates a beautiful resonance between Ophiuchus and the 26th hexagram. It is not so much about eliminating our Ego but rather becoming aware of it and knowing when we're living in its lower frequencies. Again, it is about accepting all parts of our wholeness. In that acceptance, we find love and compassion towards our own lower frequencies and those around us. It is about finding that balance between selfishness and selflessness, artfulness and boastfulness, giving too much and taking too much, force and surrender.

Below are some journal prompts to help you dive deeper into your soul, and your shadows during the Moon's transit through Ophiuchus. They act as gentle nudges towards your self-acceptance and self-love and self-compassion.

How can you utilise your energies so that it serves you first?

What part of yourself needs to be met with compassion right now?

How can you honour it?

What Aligned Action can help you honour that energy?

Listen to Lunar Wanderings, Episode 3 to hear more about the embodiment of our whole selves.