Full Moon in Pisces: What's below the surface?

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Capricorn 18/9/21

During a conversation with a friend recently, I questioned the energies of the stars and the planets. Not because I am a sceptic but because I have an inquisitive mind that questions everything, even my own beliefs and viewpoints.

I wondered whether we truly feel these cosmic energies or whether we have conditioned ourselves to feel them. One such example for me is the fast-moving Moon. The other day, as I was deep into research, I felt really grounded in the physicality of the moment. And not only that, but I had this surging but stable energy in me that allowed me to dive deep into various academic texts and truly pick them apart.

I found myself whispering: "This feels like Capricorn energy."

Astrologically, Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign. And on top of that, it is classed as a transpersonal sign, meaning it is focused on ideas. Combine that with the Sun in Virgo, and I found myself revelling in energy that allowed me to focus on some much-needed research I've been conducting on the various astrological branches.

But I also found myself thinking: "Am I feeling this because this energy exists at this point in time, or is it subconscious because I know roughly where the Moon should be?"

The Moon spends around 2 and a half days in one zodiac sign in Tropical and Sidereal astrology. The time it spends in each zodiacal constellation, the foundation for True Sidereal astrology, differs seen as they are all varied in size. On average, the Moon moves 13 degrees in 24 hours.

For example, the zodiacal constellation of Virgo is 51 degrees, a massive 21-degree difference from the standardised Tropical and Sidereal Virgo of 30 degrees. That means that the Moon spends roughly 4 days in Virgo. Scorpio, on the other hand, is only 13 degrees compared to the standardised 30 of the Tropical and Sidereal. That means it only takes a day for the Moon to transit through the zodiacal constellation of Scorpio.

Here's the main issue and the cause of my confusion:

If we are to be connected to the cosmic energies out there, how can we be connected to these standardised signs that don't actually link up with the zodiacal constellation energies out there?

Stephen Forrest, an American Evolutionary astrologer, has said that "astrology is the poetry of astronomy." If that is the case, then shouldn't the zodiac signs and the zodiacal constellations align? The early civilization star-gazers and poets seemed to have thought so.

This brings me to the upcoming Pisces Full Moon, which actually matches both in Tropical, Sidereal and True Sidereal astrology. Granted, the Full Moon will be at the beginning of the zodiacal constellation of Pisces so the energy should be with us until the 23 of September. When you look to the east on the 20 of September, 7:55 pm UK time, you will see the Moon rising in Pisces. You may even get lucky and notice Jupiter and Saturn nearby in the southeast, both hanging out in Capricorn. Stellarium is a nifty little app to help with spotting and naming stars and planets.

Pisces is considered to be the healer, the mystic, the poet. It brings mutable water energy. Mutable signs are astrologically speaking all about adaptation. They are flexible and exploratory. Water does not let the obstruction get in its way. It adapts. It either gathers up until it flows over, or it adjusts its course. Sometimes it takes you with you if there's no resistance.

How can we be more like water? How can we be more receptive to life's gifts and more flexible with its obstructions?

When we combine the mutable energy with the receptive and intuitive Water, we have a Full Moon that calls us to go inward, that calls us to pause and reflect, and if need be to divert our direction.

This is so beautifully supported by hexagram 63 that calls for renewal. Hexagram 63 is made up of the elements of water and fire. I talked about our inner fire in this Leo New Moon pondering. If not careful, water can put out our fire. Fire, on the other hand, can make our water boil over or evaporate. It is an eternal balancing act.

The gift of Gene Key 63 is Inquiry. We are invited to explore our inner world, to dive into the depths of our inner waters and see what's hiding underneath the surface. Is something on the brink of boiling over? Or maybe there are parts that need extinguishing? What is this Full Moon shedding light on in your life? What areas need to be explored? What's hiding in the deep waters of your soul?

"Doubt is the beginning and end of the human journey. It leads to the Gift of Inquiry, which in turn leads to the discovery of the Siddhi of Truth, the final answer to all doubt. However, the journey through the levels of this 63rd Gift does not lead you in the direction you might expect. The final resolution of logic lies outside the domain of logic. In this sense Truth comes as an Illumination from within rather than an answer from without." Richard Rudd

This quote by Richard Rudd sums up the discussion at the beginning of this pondering. Our logical brains need to make sense of things. They seek the truth and nothing but the truth. The way we get to our truth is through an inner inquiry and that is never a linear process.

What is your Inner Truth whispering?

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