Full Moon in the Soulful Pisces

Committing to the journey ahead
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You may be wondering why I’m talking about the Moon in Pisces when you’ve heard that this Full Moon occurs in Aries. This is because I align the celestial bodies with their actual position in the live sky based on fixed stars instead of the seasons. This is known as Sidereal astrology.

What is the vision you hold for your life? Where are you going? What’s your North Star? These are questions this Full Moon in Pisces is inviting us to lean into and explore.

Pisces represents the season when the seed is swelling in the earth. Known as a dreamer, this image is a beautiful metaphor for this full moon. In fact, when I talked about October’s lunar cycle in my Lunar Wanderings, the emerging theme was reorientation.

The New Moon in earthy Virgo earlier this month set us off on that journey. It invited us to dive into our inner well and seek out the refinements we were in need of making for the service of the collective. We were called to seek out our role in the greater whole. Like each individual seed that is swelling to prepare for its emergence, so will we go through the growing pains of showing up intentionally in the world.

“I’ve been gathering knowledge and wisdom. It is now calling me to share it. What do I crave? I crave a like-minded community of people. In order to build that community, I need to share myself. Show up with courage and openness.”

Journal entry 6 October, Virgo New Moon

Pisces, which is a polar opposite sign for Virgo is the counter energy of the practicality. Pisces meets us in our intuitive knowing. Rather than seeking out the details, we’re now called to ground ourselves into our vision for this life. We’re invited to commit to our intentions and prepare for the journey ahead. We’ve recalibrated and we’ve explored the flame we’re here to share. It is now time to set off on the journey.

“Where is the growing light of the moon guiding me? I feel like…such a watery thing to say…I am being called to refocus and recommit to my writing practice.

And to put it out there.”

Journal entry 13 October Waxing Quarter

In Human Design, this Pisces Full Moon is transiting through hexagram 3, The Beginnings. According to the Book of Changes, the name of hexagram 3, Chun, is a reference to a blade of grass pushing against the obstacle of the earth as it emerges from the ground. It is time to honour the difficulty of new beginnings. Our perseverance and our sincerity will be tested.

“There comes a point when we need to validate ourselves. We need to acknowledge our own worth. Why do I feel that constriction in my body when I don’t receive external validation? Because that little girl who was the grade A student is no longer externally recognised through good grades. And that hurts her ego.”

Journal entry 13 October Waxing Quarter

If we were to look at where the full moon occurs in the live sky, we would notice it caught right in between the threads that bind the Fishes. The moon will be close to the fixed star Al Rescha, meaning the Cord for the Arabians. It originates from the Babylonian Riksu which also refers to the Cord, the Threads of the Fishes.

The two fishes, connected by a thread, is a representation of dualism. The cosmic magic of weaving new stories is based on using astrology as the tool to embrace our wholeness and differentiate between our own stories and the ones we’ve adopted from outside. This then shifts the idea of finding one’s purpose in life into a journey rather than a quest for a fixed destination which was discussed in more depth in this article. Astrology allows us to connect the dots, to unite the separate parts of ourselves, to create wholeness. With this Full Moon being caught between the threads, we are called to tie up our separate parts and hold them close to our hearts. Let that be the grounding knot of our vision for our life. Let the journey towards living that vision be the inner validation that we seek.

When life starts to untangle it and we feel like our dream is slipping away from us, we can tighten it back up. We can come back to that vision that we’ve chosen to live by.

As mentioned earlier, the polar sign for Pisces is Virgo. Both are mutable energies. Virgo is the mutable Earth that is ready to be shaped into whatever you desire, and Pisces the mutable Water takes on whatever shape you decide to give to it. Whilst Virgo is about fine-tuning the details, Pisces is about tuning into our inner knowing.

Therefore, these two signs collaborate in a beautiful way. Our Pisces leans into our inner knowing of a vision for our life and Virgo is the one that comes up with the steps to start living according to it. After all, we live this life in our earthly bodies. Dreaming alone is not enough. We need to do the work.

All of that will also be supported by Pisces ruler Jupiter which happens to form a trine to Mars. This is our passion and desire, our drive, our curiosity. Feeling into what is emerging from our inner knowing and allowing ourselves to start weaving new stories and paving new paths. What new beginnings are emerging from the quiet observations of your inner well?

This is where journaling can be so powerful, especially revisiting old journal entries and noticing the gentle whispers that we so often brush aside or forget about. This Full Moon empowers us to reconnect with these whispers and see if they still hold some truth to us. And if so, we are supported by the cosmic magic to start bringing it all into life.

“The secret is to know how you can reconnect to your vision for your life, how you can realign yourself with it, to ground yourself in your intention, and make it a practice, so that when things do happen and you feel like you’re not moving anywhere, you can bring yourself back to it. You can reconnect with it.”

From episode 4 of Lunar Wanderings

I want to leave you with these journaling prompts as a gentle nudge to dive into your inner knowing under this beautiful and intuitive Full Moon.

What will emerge from your quiet contemplations?

First published on Medium in Lunar Wanderings on 20 October 2021.