Full Moon: On Becoming

An image of a Full Moon placed in between the shadows of two trees.
Captured by the author

This week's Lunar Wandering is all about becoming. In order to become, something needs to happen. Some kind of a release or a transformation. This Full Moon episode expands on these ideas. Below is a shortened version of it. Plus the journal prompts I mentioned to utilise these energies.

The Full Moon on 24 July is here to illuminate the depths that we may have been ignoring for a while. With the Moon transiting through space in between the constellation of Sagittarius and Capricorn, she is here to show us what we're clinging onto, and to nudge us into becoming a more authentic version of ourselves. The way we get to that version of ourselves is through cycles.

The combo of Capricorn and Sagittarius fit perfectly for the topic of cycles. In Buddhism, Capricorn holds the idea of becoming, whilst Sagittarius refers to clinging. Jupiter, the Revealer of Hidden or Secret Things is here to help us illuminate our hidden inner world. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is here to teach us that the cyclical nature of our lives.

Even Saturn itself goes through cycles. Take Saturn Return, for example. Every so often Saturn returns to the same sign and house as where it was at the moment of our birth. Each Return teaches us something so that we become a higher version of ourselves. That's if we pass the test, if we pay attention, and spend time reflecting and contemplating and allowing our inner knowing to guide us.

William Q Judge refers to these cycles as spirals. They're not quite a perfect circle. Rather, Judge writes that a cycle takes on the form of a spiral. It begins at the bottom and then turns on itself. He says that "when you arrive at the opposite side you have gotten no further than the beginning, but you have risen just the distance between the two ends of the grade."

The Egyptians, the Hindoos, and the philosophers of the Middle Ages referred to this process as a periodical return, a return upon itself. But each return takes us a little higher in the sense of progress.

In that sense, living according to cycles, it may not seem like we are progressing but in reality, we are. Each cycle builds on the previous one in terms of awareness. We are a little bit higher up on that spiral that just keeps going. The changes are subtle.

But after a while, after a few cycles, we start to notice the subtle changes.

This reminds me of my journey to leaving social media. It progressed in cycles. At times it felt like I was running around in circles, but the subtle changes were happening constantly. They just weren't visible or noticeable or tangible. Until one day I arrived at a place where I was ready to let go for good.

Both Capricorn and Sagittarius are here to remind us of these cycles, and to show us that in order to become that higher version of ourselves, we need to loosen our grip and let go of what's no longer aligning with our vision.

If you follow the transits of Cosmic Human Design, this Full Moon will be hanging in hexagram 10 and complimenting the Sag/Capricorn energies beautifully.

Kari Hohne, a teacher of ancient wisdom, has one of the most beautiful interpretations of hexagram 10. She says:

"Lǚ is a hexagram that brings up issues related to what you are doing and why. It asks you to look at where you are going and to focus on your footsteps and motivations. It suggests a Cautious Advance because where you are going you have never gone before."

We're invited to use this Full Moon energy to re-evaluate, to refocus, to recommit to our vision, or decide if it needs letting go instead because it was not our vision to begin with.

3 journal prompts to help you tune into your inner wisdom:

What have my nudges been telling me recently?

How can I start trusting my nudges instead of resisting or controlling the natural direction through this life?

What signs have I been ignoring?