How Astrology Can Help Us Heal Old Wounds

Yellow flowers on the background of a blue sky.
Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

It is often our mind that holds onto our old stories, even when our feet no longer fit into those shoes. Yet, we still keep walking in them, hoping that with time the shoes will stretch out. But life has a funny way of letting you know when it's time to find a new pair.

Astrology has truly opened my eyes to the old stories that have been keeping me stuck for years. Lack of self-worth and self-love. No self-compassion and being overly critical with oneself. Holding onto old wounds and spiralling around the same old cycles. Not trusting what your intuition is telling you. And the biggest one - being afraid to claim your unique path because it does not fit into the status quo.

I never knew astrology passed my Sun sign - you know the one we all seem to claim so freely. The horoscope we take a peek at in our favourite magazine. I used to claim the label of a Libra, even though secretly I'd read both Libra and Virgo horoscopes and characteristics. For some reason, I would connect more deeply with Virgo than Libra. I'd tell myself it was because I was born close to when the signs would shift from one to another. It wasn't until recently that I connected with my whole natal chart that I realised we all have a bit of every sign within us.

It has been both a liberation and a permission slip to embrace the whole me.

Getting to know my astrological natal chart has been a permission slip to let go of everyone else's expectations and lean more into my joys and passions, and start living my life according to my inherent pace. Granted, one does not need astrology for that but some of us simply connect with this magical cosmic language that helps us make sense of our experiences here on earth.

Alice Sparkly Kat has said that "astrology is a tool through which imperfect people try our best to talk to each other," that "the meaning of the sky comes directly from us" and that we "are the thing that animates heaven." Richard Powell writes on a similar idea. Powell has said that stars "sow seeds upon the earth." I believe that we are those stars. We all have a unique natal chart that, when met with an open mind and curiosity, can be a pathfinder for this life.

As Caroline Casey suggests, our natal chart is our contract with life. It allows us to connect more deeply with our experience of the world. It helps us to make meaning out of the chaos of life.

Our Sun sign, for example, reveals how we are meant to shine here on earth. It is the light that we emit into the world. Personally, I know I am shining my light when I follow and am deeply connected to my joys and passions, and when I can share them with others. I am a Virgo Sun.

Our Moon sign, on the other hand, is our emotional being, our intuition. It is also, according to my teacher Britten LaRue the part of us that "holds memory in the body and in our subconscious." That to me shows up as a deep inner knowing and self-trust, and connecting deeply with my inner world. I am a Pisces Moon.

Our Ascendant also known as our Rising Sign is our outwardly self. It is the self that others see and connect with. It is the sign that was on the eastern horizon when you were born. That to me is Virgo who is often seen as a perfectionist or a neat freak or overly critical. But the truth is that the outwardly is actually aimed inwardly. Personally, I tend to be most critical towards myself but I've learned to soften the edges of that over the years.

The Sun, Moon and the Rising Sign are the three most common indicators of who we were born to be. But when we dig deeper into our natal chart, we realise that all the different elements work together. The more we explore our natal charts intuitively, the more we start to appreciate and accept our whole selves.

I hope you join me on this journey as I'm diving deeper into that exploration and sharing the findings. The best way to follow along is either via my podcast Lunar Wanderings or through my Cosmic Magic board on Pinterest.