It All Starts with a Scribble

This was originally posted on my Instagram feed in September 2020. I have since left social media but revisiting some of my posts and migrating bits worth keeping onto my blog space.

It all starts with a scribble of the rough outline of the design.

Then the real work starts.

This is my INSTA vs REALITY prompt. The actual work and effort it takes to start a project. The "Einstein" mathematical equations, as Nick put it, that will eventually make a macrame jar.

It is one thing showing you the pretty final object, but I want you to know the process behind it too.

Kimberley, the creator and maker behind Sea Woven did an amazing post about what handmade items cost and why they cost what they do. It is not just the materials but also the time and effort and hard work honing one's skill from the design to the actual knotting itself.

This is a discussion I have with Nick very often. With him being a professional photographer, he often has clients ghost him or turn him down because of his pricing. But people don't generally realise how much goes into him documenting your special wedding day or a family portrait shoot or whatever special event you are putting on. It is so much more than simply point and shoot. It is hours and hours of honing his skill. It is wear and tear on his equipment. It is his time. It is his vision and his skill to compose an image that will last you a lifetime.

The next time you find yourself say: "This is way too expensive!" I want you to consider all of this.

What you're getting are someone's unique vision and skill. And that is worth exactly the price the maker/creator puts on it.