Journal Prompts and Mantras for First Quarter in Virgo

This First Quarter Moon in Virgo invites us to get rid of the bits that no longer serve us.

With its down-to-earth energy, Virgo is perfect to take some Aligned Action towards the intentions you set during the New Moon phase. She is hard-working, with great attention to detail. But don't get too caught up in the details, to the point you overwhelm yourself with the planning

Allow space for things to unfold naturally. Lean into your nudges as well as getting clear on a few practical steps. And invite the cosmic energies to help you.

At the same time, Virgo can be very critical and judgemental. Listen to that inner critic and meet her with openness and compassion. How true are the things she is telling you? Are they helpful or damaging? Get honest with yourself. Utilise her healing energy. Pay attention to the inner friction and try to find peace and harmony.

Below are some journal prompts for your soul exploration during this earthy moon phase we're given.

And here's the podcast episode to hear my personal lunar musings, my Dark and New Moon lessons, some tools for self-exploration, among other bits.

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