The Magic of Weaving New Stories - Episode 4 of Lunar Wanderings

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Hey fellow wanderer! It's Silvia here. I'd like to welcome you to October's episode of Lunar Wanderings. I created this space to talk about soul inquiry through cosmic magic which was initially through the language of moon phases but I've since broadened my horizon with deeper inquiries into astrology as a whole. My joy is to share this language with you in the hope that it will spark something in you to help you reconnect and realign with your vision for your creative life.

A bicycle accident earlier this year left me with a countless amount of hours to wander. I rediscovered my love for the magic and awe of the universe. Through the cosmic language of astrology, I've started to weave new stories for myself about myself. I'm reconnecting with my natural gifts, with my innate magic. I'm giving myself time and space to get curious about things that truly bring me joy and enrich my life. I've started to pay more attention to the synchronicities in my life and noticing the signs that life is placing on my path. I've started to tune in and truly lean into trusting my inner knowing. It is what has led me to my vision of a slow creative life.

My only hope is that these Wanderings will create space for you to realign with your vision for this life.

During a recent journaling session, it dawned on me that my mission in this life, and I use the word mission for the lack of a better word I'm still trying to find, is to explore and expand my inner world, the idea of being and showing up as my whole self, and to share the knowledge and wisdom gained through my own journey with you to nudge you towards your wholeness, to help you reconnect and realign with your vision for this life. In the midst of it I was nudged by the curiosity to explore the etymology of the word mission, a habit one of my teachers reignited in me.

So, on a whim, I looked up where it derives from. And it appears that its origin is from the 1590s when it translated as "an act of sending, dispatching, releasing." Originally that relates to an agent who was sent abroad on a mission. It then took a religious undertone in the 1600s. By 1805 it seems to have taken on a meaning in the sense that I use it - one's mission in life, "that for which a person or thing is destined." And when we look at destiny, the word intent shows up. So maybe that's what I am referring to, my intent, my intention, our intention. So let's rephrase it, shall we? By the way, this is my mind creating it as we're going along.

So, my intention in this life is to explore and expand my inner world, the idea of being and showing up as my whole self, and to share the knowledge and wisdom gained through my own journey with you to nudge you towards your wholeness, to help you reconnect and realign with your intention for this life.

Yeah, I like the sound of that better. What do you think?

Coming back to my train of thought, right now at this point in time, you may be like me, allowing the old stories to determine your life's story. You may have no idea what your vision or intention for this life is. You may not have ever thought about it because daily life demands other things from you.

Or you may have a vision or an intention but you have no idea how to start living according to it, to start walking down that path that could take you there. That's OK. That stuff does not happen overnight. It is not a linear journey like we're taught. More often it is taking one step forward and two back. But the secret is to know how you can reconnect to it, how you can realign yourself with that vision, to ground yourself in your intention, and make it a practice, so that when things do happen and you feel like you're not moving anywhere, you can bring yourself back to it. You can reconnect with it. And we'll be talking about these things as we embark on this journey together.

I will also be talking to you about various tools that help me on this path of accepting myself in all my wholeness. I use my own self-inquiry, soul growth, astrology, the live sky, or the comic magic as I like to call it, and I'Ching and Tarot. It is through the creative expression of the written word, through the cosmic interpretations, the cosmic inquiries, my intuition, and my inner knowing that I've come to slowly accept myself and to embrace her with all her wholeness, especially the imperfections. Because those too are part of the story.

Mostly I do it to bring myself home to my wholeness but there is this deep desire in me to also do it for the people who struggle to connect with their wholeness, who struggle with old wounds and the stories they tell us, who struggle to connect and align with their pace in this life, who struggle to find their place in this world, who escape the deep self-inquiry through various avenues. Who find that it is easier to numb the pain or run from it. I hear you and I see you because I am you. I'm the girl who runs from confrontation, whether her own or others. I'm the girl who used to numb her pain with food, with procrastination, with social media scrolling, with self-hatred, with self-denial. No matter how much I told myself that I had accepted my whole self throughout my wellness journey, it has recently been highlighted through my own inner inquiry that it is not so. That I had barely scratched the surface.

The more I lean into this newfound language of cosmic magic and these tools at my disposal, the more sense my life seems to be making to me. The key here is to know what it means to you because no one else is living your life. That language really speaks to my soul, it allows me to connect to something bigger than myself. It's like this nourishing salve for these old wounds that have been festering for a long time.

Moving forward, I want to talk to you about how we can utilise this cosmic magic, the moon phases and our natal chart as a way to pin down what we were sent on this earth for, on how we want to live our lives and create magic for this world, and how our magic can serve the world, can serve us and our community.

You can expect me to start talking more about my own experience of seeking meaning in my life and how getting to know my birth chart has changed everything. How it has brought so much clarity, so much acceptance, so much healing and compassion. It has given me permission to dig deeper into what brings me joy and what I want to spend more time on. It has clarified a few things. It has helped me highlight my gifts and strengths but also start accepting areas where I tend to struggle and find ways to use them for growth. It has allowed me to tap into how I'm meant to serve the world, and to own it, to name it through my natal chart and my contemplations, and ultimately to not be afraid to claim it and share it with you. And how I am starting to take steps towards owning that role and showing up in the world as my whole self.

So today I want to set us off on that journey.

I want to send us off by quoting Glennon Doyle.

"Writing isn’t about showing off, it’s about showing ourselves."

I'd like to add to this that any form of creativity is about showing ourselves. In fact, anything that we do out in the world is about showing ourselves. For example, these Lunar Wanderings are about showing myself. That is something that has never been easy for me but I've had this niggle to serve, to empower, to make a difference for a long while. In a way, I've always known that I was sent here to do something bigger than myself. I spent pretty much my entire first 38 years trying to figure out what that something was. It literally took a broken bone to finally see it, to feel it, to start naming it, and most importantly, to start living into it with courage and committing to it wholeheartedly. Commitment is another issue I am sure we will be talking about as that is a massive one for me personally.

I got a taste for this empowerment through service that I mentioned through my wellness business but I know now that it was not the right avenue. I believe that everything in this life is a lesson as long as we are open to see it and feel into it. Life is not trying to make a victim of us. This is where open-mindedness comes into play. I talked about being more like water in my previous episode. Allowing life to flow more and to stop resisting what needs to come through. Water is like that. A friend wrote a beautiful piece on being more like water a little while ago and I will be putting the link in the show notes for you to go and read at your own time.

When I gave up on my wellness business last October, that niggle to be of service persisted but I was held back by my own old stories of not having any qualifications. The academic in me will always seek qualifications. Hell, I even looked into life coaching courses but something in me said no, that is not the way. Life knew something else was in store for me. I truly believe, and I see it now that the cosmic magic was what I was missing, it was the missing link. It was the lived experience and allowing cosmic magic to heal myself that is the qualification, in the traditional sense of the word. Lived experience matters too. As long as we know why we're truly doing it, why we're so eager and ready to own that role, that title, that's all that matters. There is no one way to your dreams. There is only your way. I know that now but I didn't use to.

If you've been on this journey with me for a little while, you'll know that we also need to pay attention to the signs that life gives us. Here's an example of a sign that I recently received. I celebrated my birthday recently. I received this birthday card from a family member. It was a card with astrological connotations. Now, this person would have no idea that I've been diving deep into astrology yet there it was. I could not help but laugh at the divine synchronicity that life was giving me. It is little signs like that, when we pay attention to them, that deepen our inner knowing, that allow us to lean into our nudges and trust the path that we are on. Because when we claim it we emit energy that lets the universe know that we're serious, that we mean business, that we are fully committed to this path in front of us.

Granted, we can let these signs pass us by. We can choose to not read into them too much. We can put them down as some kind of a cosmic joke. And in the past, I would have but I know now that everything is interconnected, that we are all interconnected to each other and to something bigger than us, such as our universe, such as the celestial bodies that exist out there, and through our natal chart exist within us too. But honestly, you don't even need your natal chart to feel connected to it all. All it takes is an open and observant mind to notice the world around you.

And that is what cosmic magic is about - the belief, the inner knowing, the trust within oneself and the path you are on, feeling connected to life, to this planet, to the space out there that is surrounding us. It is when we connect or in my case, reconnect to this magic and awe that we start to live a life that is truly ours and be OK with who we are and what we have.

I believe we are the embodiment of the celestial energies that were present when we were born. Robert Powell talks about this idea of stars sowing seeds upon the earth. We are these seeds. And since we are the seeds of cosmic magic, we inherit the magic of stars, we emit this magic onto earth and onto each other as a sort of remembering, reminding each other of our innate magic. As Alice Sparkly Kat has written "The meaning of the sky comes directly from us. You are the thing that animates heaven." Astrology, I find, is the language that allows us that.

But I also feel like I need to re-emphasise that one does not need astrology to find that magic within. It is but one form of the many languages that help us be the storyteller of our lives. Just like some would resonate with religion, others with a form of philosophy, some with Human Design, and others find their own language through which they tell their life stories.

Astrology to me is a tool that helps me balance my analytical mind and my intuitive self. It is a language through which I embrace my whole self. It helps me make meaning out of the chaos of life. It helps me make sense of my experience here on earth. More often than not I use it as a retrospective tool that allows me to learn and grow. And I am sure I will share a lot of those a-ha moments with you as we journey together. And I can't wait to share how you can start to utilise this tool for your own a-ha moments.

Today, as we're embarking on this journey together, I'd like to share with you how I reconnected with my joys and a few practical tips on how you can start to reconnect with yours.

The first thing we can do is go back to our childhood, to get curious about things that used to bring us joy as children. What did you like to do? What did you spend time on? What could you get lost in for hours? Who were you before the world told you who to be? Think the last one was from Glennon Doyle again.

I'll start.

I was a dreamer, a lunar wanderer, a star-gazer, a passionate music lover, an avid reader, a hopeless romantic. Somewhere along the way, I lost touch of that side of me but little by little I am finding her again and giving her permission to explore and to be and to dream.

I was curious about everything. I loved nature. I lived for the changing of the seasons, especially spring and autumn: the emerging hepatica buds, the migrating birds returning, collecting of conkers and leaves that I'd forget in between books and find years later. I loved drawing and painting and knitting and crocheting. I loved the written word both in essay forms and poetry, both reading and writing. I loved growing things from seeds. I'd have countless failed attempts of trying to grow a lemon tree out of seed but none survived.

Slowly the demands of life got to me and I got separated from most of my joys. I've realised this year, especially after leaving social media that time is so precious, especially time being spent on things that bring us joy. A big part of leaving social media was reclaiming that time for things that truly bring me joy. I've also realized that you don't have to choose one specific thing. You can have multiple joys and passions. I was taught to pick a career path, and for most of my adult life, I've struggled to find that one thing. Instead, I've dabbled in so many different things. And I'd feel shame about not being able to commit to one thing and making a career out of it.

But I've realised that may not be the path for me, that maybe I'm here to merely follow my joy. And that it changes from season to season. And that's OK. And as soon as I realised it, I've had the courage to walk that path and embrace my passions for what they are. And to not be afraid to allow one lie dormant while I'm exploring another one. Because I know they are all cyclical. I always come back around to the things that bring me joy. Right now that joy is linked to the skies and astrology.

That desire to live a life on my terms lives deep within me. It always has but I was too afraid to admit it, especially out loud. Who was I to dream of a life that I really want to live? Who was I to dare to build something of my own? The language of astrology has helped me claim it. It has helped me hone in on what I truly value in life and courageously step off the beaten path and make my own. Ultimately, I believe that is what we are here for - making our own path, however that may look like for you.

This period right now feels like a big deja vu except that I am further ahead than I was at the same time last year. I have a website, a blog, a podcast, clarity in my mission and the path ahead, clarity around what I want in terms of my own life but also the impact I want to make. But above all else, I have this inner knowing, I have this vision, I have this reconnection with the world around me, and yet I know I am still at the very beginning of that journey.

A year ago, all of it was just a little soft whisper. All these little nudges and niggles I had last year, I have a lot more confidence in them, in myself, in my mission, and honestly, the word mission doesn't quite feel right. It is more of a temple. I'm referencing my astrology teacher in reference to Virgo and Vesta. And I am sure we will be talking about Virgo a lot in the future. But for now, I want to highlight the cyclical rhythm of life, of growth. If we look at time in a linear way, we may think that we've not achieved anything but when we look at things in cycles, we start to see the journey that is unfolding.

It is so easy to be hard on yourself and talk down on yourself. But when you focus on little steps from cycle to cycle, they all start to add up, and in a year's time or two years' time you look back and it feels like a massive leap. And that's where journaling has played a big part for me personally. More often I don't really know what I'm writing. Words just stream out of me. But when I read them later, things emerge, my truth emerges, progress emerges. I am so grateful for this habit of journaling, especially this past year.

Journaling can help you start to connect the dots, to see the patterns, to hone in on what you want out of this life, to build the courage to go out there and claim it. It can help us build our self-awareness, and reconnect us to our inner wisdom, our inner knowing. And funnily enough, astrology has been that permission slip that I've always looked for to accept my wholeness but also to find clarity in what I'm here to give to the world, and how. And looking back on last years journals, I can see my path crossing with this cosmic magic. I just didn't realise it was Astrology at the time. And that is exactly the dots that I am referring to.

Journals can start to reveal our innermost self, our deepest desires, no matter how courageous or outrageous they may seem or sound. A journal can be our door into that life that is truly ours.

This past year has led me to my vision of a slow creative life that combines everything I mentioned earlier when talking about my childhood joys. What got me started was the habit of journaling combined with the cyclical nature of the Moon. My manifesto for a slow creative life emerged out of the endless pages of words that just flooded out of me.

A life lived with intention.

A life lived embodying your values.

Embracing stillness and contemplation.

Time well spent in solitude.

Embracing the magic of mundanity.

Following your joy.

Allowing curiosity to lead you.

Reconnection to nature, to your own wildness.

Embracing vulnerability.

Trusting your inner nudges.

Allowing your inner nudges to guide you.

Seeking simplicity.

Letting go and surrendering to the flow.

Surrendering to your innate pace and releasing the need for comparison.

Goodness, this makes me think of all the endless comparing I'd grapple with when I was still using social media. I'd get into these real bad downward spirals and I'd look at my own life and feel utterly depressed about it all. Because I had this idea of what success would be based on other people's highlights. 3 months have passed since I left social media and honestly, I've felt more at peace with myself, with my life, honouring my pace and my temple.

So my question to you is, and I am repeating myself here: what were you like as a child? What did you enjoy doing? What did you get lost in for hours on end? What brought you joy? And how can you reconnect to it? In your wildest dreams, what is your vision for your life?

During a recent Masterchef episode, chef Marco Pierre White talked about being a dreamer. But he also brought forward an important point about having dreams. To paraphrase, a dream without a plan is just a dream. Dreaming without action only makes us dreamers. He talked about his dream to be the chef of a 3 Michelin star restaurant. Back then no one had managed to do it in the UK. As a 20-year old at the time, people laughed at his dream. But he put his head down and worked hard, and at the age of 32, Marco became the first British chef to have 3 Michelin stars. He had a vision, a compass, and he knew exactly where he was going.

On that note, I'd like to finish this episode by looking at the cosmic magic of the new lunar cycle for the month of October and the accompanying journal prompts that we can utilise for self-inquiry and soul growth to help us align with our vision for our creative life. As a quick note, when I talk about these lunar energies I am referencing directly what is happening in the live sky and correlating that to the two-dimensional astrological chart. Some of these phases may not reflect mainstream astrology and that is because I follow the planets through their actual zodiacal constellations rather than the Western astrology that is based on seasonal zodiacs. If any of that confuses you, my inbox is always open so feel free to message me your questions.

Alright, and now let's look at the lunar energies of the main 4 phases of the Moon.

The new lunar cycle started on 6 October with the New Moon in Virgo. Sun, Moon, Mars, and the retrograded Mercury were all within 8 degrees of each other, in Virgo. Sun is the fiery Leo. Moon is the watery Cancer, Mars is the fiery Aries, Mercury is the airy Gemini and earthy Virgo. Themes of self-expression and creativity, self-nourishment, new beginnings, and the need to communicate and discriminate.

And as a side note, I don't know about you but I've always felt that discrimination is this negative word. So I looked up its etymology. It derives from Late Latin and was originally referred to as "the making of distinction, act of observing or making a difference." Apparently, the negative connotation was first noted in 1866 in American English when it referenced race and colour.

So when we look at discrimination in its original meaning, this New Moon calls us to ask ourselves: what is the part we play in the collective and how do we show up as individuals? How can we build a community with shared values? What do we need to readjust, refine, refocus on, both individually but also as a collective?

And coming back to this point of Sun, Mars and Mercury being within 8 degrees of the Moon. What this means is that these aspects tend to channel themselves through our emotions and moods. Their closeness makes them conjunct to each other which generally bring unifying energy.

So basically what this means is that all these planets are working together in unison. They are all supporting each other. So the Sun is our light. Mars is our drive. The Moon is our intuition. And Mercury is our way of communicating. So how can we utilise these energies of this New Moon? Well, we can tune in and see what it is that we truly want to spend our energy on, and then utilise the Mercury Retrograde to refine and refocus what it is that we want and to not be afraid to say it out loud. This will all be emphasised by Virgo's natural ability to seek out refinement and practical solutions to problems. Virgo will want to fix things. She'll want to serve. Maybe this New Moon is here to nudge you towards your area of service. How will you serve yourself and your community? How do you want to serve yourself and your community?

This New Moon, which started around noon here in the UK on 6 October, is bringing us Mutable Earth energy. Mutable can be malleable, flexible, adaptable. When we think of the earth as malleable, it tends to be wet, sticky. It can either be wet clay as my teacher Britten interprets it, or the image that comes to my mind is of wet sand. They both have the ability to create new forms: wet clay can create ceramic dishes, and wet sand can be used to build sandcastles. Or even cement that is widely used. They're all derived from the earth.

But when we combine the malleable earth with fire and air, it changes its characteristics. Sandcastle can get cracked. Dishes can shatter Add too much water and they won't stick together. The conditions need to be just right for this new creation. So we find ourselves forever balancing all the elements but also accepting that some imperfections are inevitable. So how can we realign and refine our presence in this world through this lens of acceptance?

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. My teacher Britten talks about Mercury as "up-levelling our interpretations. It's about up-levelling our meaning-making." Currently, Mercury is in retrograde, which means moving backwards. But it is all just an optical illusion. In reality, what retrograde means is when a planet overtakes. And because Mercury's orbit around the Sun only takes 88 days compared to Sun's 365, Mercury retrograde happens around 3 times during one calendar year. So basically, Mercury has overtaken the Sun in the orbit around the Earth.

And because it is all just an illusion, we are called to recalibrate our vision. It is one of those long exhales that allow us to catch up and take a moment. And once the retrograde is over, it tends to last about 3 weeks and we're about a week and a half into this one, we can refocus ourselves and redirect ourselves for that next step, whatever that is.

This Virgo New Moon was accompanied by hexagram 48 - The Well, the gift of resourcefulness, our inner wisdom. Its shadow is inadequacy. Our minds can be beautiful and resourceful wells but they can also muddy the waters of our inner knowing, our inner well. They can be full of old stories that are not telling us the whole truth. These stories may not even be our own but rather someone else has told the story over and over until we adopted it for ourselves.

How can you clear out your well so that the stories you tell give life to those that come to your well? What's hidden in the mud? What's holding you stuck in the mud? What Aligned Intention will help you tap into your inner well? And as a side note, we will be getting this Virgo energy until early Friday when it will shift into Libra.

I know this was a lot.

But I'd invite you to take what you need right now and don't worry about the rest. I don't know which parts resonate the most with you but this New Moon feels pretty significant to me. I tend to do a Tarot reading for each phase and this one allowed me to clarify a few bits and connect some dots that will allow me to move forward. I'm keen to see what emerges through the journal pages moving forward, and what will unfold as the cycles continue. And feel free to come back to it whenever you feel the need. Allow things to unravel at their own pace. And if you're someone who does have a journaling practise but not in an astrological sense, I have found that going back and tracing the movements in the sky and matching them with my journal entries uncannily seem to line up with my emotional state. And that was one of the reasons why I decided to lean more into these celestial movements.

Moving on...

First Quarter Moon on 13 October is in the mutable fiery zodiacal constellation of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the explorer. I see it as the Olympic torch that spreads the flame. It takes what it's gathered and spreads it far and wide. It is a mutable fire sign which means it disperses and distributes energy. The Olympic torch distributes its flame. Ruled by Jupiter, it calls us to expand and grow, to elevate and uplift.

Conjunct to Pluto, which means in close proximity, the planet that is referred to as giving us a sense of mission, or as we established earlier, we can reframe it as an intention. Pluto is known for death and rebirth. Regeneration. But a lot of us are afraid to let things go because of the uncertainty it brings. We don't know what will take its place. And according to Richard Tarnas, Pluto may be a source of inner and outer power struggles. We're going back and forth, weighing the pros and cons but sometimes we just gotta do it. And we do go through with it what we often find is that the act of letting go brings powerful personal transformations.

Sagittarius is opposite Gemini in an astrological chart. Gemini is known as the curious one. So how can we combine these opposite energies and instead allow them to collaborate to our advantage? I feel like this waxing moon is calling us to get curious about our fire. Gemini wants to communicate and learn from others. Sagittarius wants to explore and expand their mind. How can we meet each other to learn from each other, to broaden our horizons?

During the Waxing Quarter, the Moon transits through hexagram 54 which is called the Ambition, the Marrying Maiden with its shadow of greed and its gift of Aspiration. During this Aligned Creation/Movement phase, how can we refine our ideas and views in a way that serve the world? The shadow side of ambition can dig its claws into our ego and make our intentions selfish. How can we tap into the abundance of this world and let go of the scarcity mindset? How can we make sure that the flame we do spread gives out warmth, helps others gather around and does not burn them or destroy them?

What Aligned Movement will help you spread the flame you're here to share with others?

The Full Moon on 20 October is another Pisces Full Moon, this one towards the end of the zodiacal constellation of Pisces. Whilst it is still Mutable Water energy, but because the Universe is like a spiral, this Full Moon calls in different energy. This Pisces Full Moon is transiting through hexagram 3, The Beginnings. According to the Book of Changes, the name of hexagram 3, Chun, is a reference to a blade of grass pushing against the obstacle of the earth as it emerges from the ground.

Whilst the last Pisces Full Moon called us to go inward and seek our inner truth, this one is calling us to honour the difficulty of new beginnings. Our paths are never set in stone even when we know where we want to get to. The journey there will not be as we often imagine. And this idea of a fixed destination is never truly what we envision. More often it is different but we always receive what we truly need. Therefore, I feel like this Pisces Full Moon calls us to commit to our dream, our vision, our intention and to prepare ourselves for the journey ahead, for there will most definitely be obstacles that will test our perseverance, our sincerity, our commitment.

Moon will be in opposition to Sun and Mars now. As you remember the New Moon was inconjunct to it. When I first started to track the lunar cycles, I wasn't truly paying attention to its actual movement in the sky. But in the last couple of months, I've made a more conscious effort to actually pay attention to the Moon's orbit in the physical world too.

The New Moon in nature means when the Moon's orbit moves in between the earth and the sun, and therefore we can't see it for a few days. The Full Moon on the other hand means that the earth is now between the Sun and the Moon. This also means that the Moon and the Sun will be in opposite zodiacal constellations, which means the Sun is in Virgo and the Full Moon in Pisces. The elements of Earth and Water collaborating. Full Moon is known as the harvest time, as time for celebration. I refer to it as the Aligned Reflection/Pause time.

And even though I talk about Sun and Moon being in opposition, to me it is more so a collaboration. You see, the Moon reflects back the light of the Sun. Pisces is known as the Dreamer. So the light that is being reflected back to us from the Virgo Sun is very much about discernment, sifting through the lunar cycle thus far and seeing where you're at. What would collaboration with this magical life feel like to you, look like? What new beginnings are emerging from your quiet observations? And I don't know about you but I love going back to old journal entries and seeing the shifts that have been happening over lunar cycles. And what better time than under the Full Moon that calls us to harvest our fruits of labour.

When I first started to align myself to these natural cycles, I often set intentions for each New Moon and my so-called mission was to live by it. And I would get frustrated with myself if I didn't make that intention happen for the rest of the lunar cycle. But I've since realised that there is no timescale for our journey. That the intentions we set during one New Moon may require more time to blossom. That life doesn't always happen according to our timeline. That we need to loosen the reigns a bit and allow ourselves to flow with life a bit more. I find it is more so about the awareness around our intentions that matter more than to actually make them happen. Because when we cultivate that awareness, things start to align naturally. And that's why Full Moons are beautiful check-in points. Does that intention still hold up? Does it still align with our inner truth? Does it really matter? If so, we can reflect and readjust.

And lastly, the Waning Quarter Moon on 28 October in the zodiacal constellation of Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal Water energy. Cardinal signs astrologically speaking bring with them new and fresh energy. The Waning Quarter, on the other hand, calls us to surrender, to release, to rest. It is the final major phase before the moon disappears in between the earth and the sun again. It is through the act of surrendering that we allow life to unfold as it is meant to. We no longer resist. We no longer hold onto the stagnant energy or push against our own will. Instead, we flow like water. And that's why I call this the Aligned Surrender/Flow phase.

What are you called to surrender to? What is keeping you stuck? What do you need to feel more whole in your body? What nourishment do your mind, body and soul need?

Moon will be opposite Saturn which makes it a Cancer and Capricorn opposition. Cancer is very much about nourishment and what better Moon to nourish oneself under than the waning moon. Nature's energy is waning and so are we called to go inward and rest. Saturn loves boundaries. You could even claim that the ring around Saturn is its boundary. It says: "Here's where I draw the line between you and me." Whatever that line is for, whatever that you and I are. You and the world. You and the to-do list. You and your chatter. So when we look at the opposition of the Moon and Saturn, how can we collaborate with these two? What boundaries do we need to put in place so that we can honour this waning energy and our inner energy?

Personally, that is the hardest phase for me as I am naturally someone who loves to keep busy and proactive and productive. I learned a great little trick from Maisie Hill from one of her latest newsletters. She was talking about procrastination and the need to rest and how to know the difference. Her tip was to simply ask yourself questions. And one of the questions she brought up was, and I'm paraphrasing, "If your friend invited you out right now, would you be up for it?" If the answer was no then you'd know that your body simply needs to rest and if it was a yes, then you'd know you're just avoiding something.

And I thought that was such a useful way to build better boundaries for oneself, especially around procrastination and rest, and how to tell the difference. And this reminds me of this collaboration between the Cancer Moon and the Capricorn Saturn.

With this nurturing Cancer energy being in the Waning Quarter, the Aligned Surrender phase, we're called to take care of ourselves, to listen to our own needs and nurture our being, to draw the line. It is through the act of self-care that we get to show up in the world as our best selves. Maybe it is your self-care routine that you're being called to overhaul? How can you tune more into what your mind, body and soul need?

Hexagram 31 which this Waning Moon transits through is called Influence or Wooing. Kari Hohne writes about the 31st hexagram as follows:

"To observe and accept things as they really are, you are no longer defending anything. This will allow only the necessary to come forward to guide you. Moving away from the negativity of ‘what you should and shouldn’t do,’ you will attract by virtue of ‘what you do.’"

What are you wooing into your life? Are you resisting what needs to come through? What if you released any preconceived ideas and just let them flow? Are you resisting rest? Are you resisting stillness? Are you resisting simply being with your own self without any distractions? And yes, that also includes digital distractions as well as your own mind!

So a quick recap. I feel like this lunar phase is about reorientation, both individually and collectively. And this makes sense seeing as we're getting deeper into autumn here in the Northern hemisphere. And the same for the South as you're getting closer to summer. Goodness, I'm jealous! But there are bits I'm looking forward to during these darker months and things I'm already enjoying wholeheartedly, like my beautiful knitted hot water bottle and hot cups of herbal tea, and getting cosy under the covers and doing some reading.

So I feel like we are called to reorientate ourselves, to realign with our vision for our lives.

How can we tune in and take note of what's emerging?

As always, I want to finish the episode with someone else's empowering words. This time it is a poem called "Burn" by Heidi Rose Robbins. When I first heard it, I was deepening my understanding of the elements and leaning into my own intuitive ideas about each one. This particular poem is a reference to fire, as the name suggests. It reached a part of me that had not been reached before. It called forth courage to deepen my trust within myself and my path, to deepen my intuitive understanding of cosmic magic. I hope it reaches a place within you that calls forth something that has maybe been lying dormant for a while. I hope it sprinkles a little courage dust on your path. I hope it lights a spark.

Here goes!

"The contour of doubt

The shape of not enough

The crumple of imperfection

This ungainly awkward body of fear

I lay now on a funeral pyre

Burn away the weight of perceived lack

Burn away the sadness of never enough

Burn away the need to be the first, the only, the brightest star

Burn away the critical I (eye)