Mantras for Scorpio Full Moon

Letting go of the need to know what's coming

This Full Moon encourages us to embrace the dark side, within ourselves and within life; to let go of control, to embrace our inner power where it is most productive and needed, but to also remember to practice compassion towards ourselves and others.⁠

We are all trying to find our own path through this life, to face our shadows, to learn to accept and love ourselves and each other as we are.⁠

This Full Moon also happens to be a lunar eclipse which means the shadow of the Earth will momentarily fall on the Moon. I learned recently that eclipses are known to be transformative times, harbingers of change.⁠

I don't know about you but recently I have felt like something is building up in me ready to be released, making space for what needs to come, and welcoming in something new and exciting.⁠

I keep being met with so many synchronicities lately that I have no doubt in my mind I am treading the right path for me. All I need to do is keep following the nudges and letting go of the need to know what's coming. Almost like a surprise birthday party that you had no clue about.⁠

That is what is so amazing about moon phases. If we're willing to sit in our own discomfort, they allow us to step into our power. Each phase reveals a bit more, calls us to dig a little deeper, embrace our truth, and find the courage to fully own it.⁠

Which mantra resonates the most with you under this Full Moon? Definitely 2 and 3 for me.

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