New Moon at the Edgelands of Virgo and Libra

The fine line between refinement and fear of letting go

A flock of seagulls flying voerhead. The background is a dark and cloudy sky.
Photo by Ben Griffiths on Unsplash

You may be wondering why I’m talking about the Moon in between Virgo and Libra when you’ve heard that this New Moon occurs in Scorpio. This is because I align the celestial bodies with their actual position in the visible sky instead of the seasons. This is known as True Sidereal astrology.

Did you know that the Ancient Babylonians considered the zodiacal constellation of Libra as the Claws of Scorpio? It wasn’t until the Greeks and Romans restructured it to what we now know as the constellation of Libra.

Apparently, they did so because of the autumn equinox. They noticed that the day and the night were of equal length when the ecliptic point of the Claws of Scorpio met with the celestial equator and therefore called the area of the sky Libra. And that’s why archetypally we think of it as the representation of harmony and balance and equality.

November’s New Moon on 4 November is occurring in between the zodiacal constellations of Virgo and Libra near the fixed star of Zubenelgenubi. Ancient Babylonians called this area of the sky the Southern Claw of Scorpio.

Virgo is an archetypal energy that loves refinement and seeking out practical solutions to problems. Virgo wants to fix things and that is most often driven by this innate desire to serve. At the same time, it is through the service that Virgo refines his or her own being. Virgo is the searchlight, the magnifying glass, the queen of fine-tuning. This part of us is here to filter out the gunk and the unnecessary bits and connect the loose threads.

The Virgo in us is here to accept their wholeness. And that wholeness is the good, the bad, and the ugly. When we meet ourselves with acceptance, we are able to do the same with others — meeting them with love and compassion, and understanding. But that requires meeting our wholeness first. And that’s what we can learn from Virgo.

And then we have Libra. Libra is known for balance and harmony. Libras seek to keep the peace. They seek to balance the scales but do it in a way that is just. That often means compromise. It means detaching our ego’s want from its need. We all know that need and want are not always the same thing. What we want can be impulsive and reactive. What we want can be an illusion. Our actual need helps us connect to our wholeness. It helps us to flow through life with more ease.

As these two archetypes come to meet under this New Moon, what will this encounter reveal to you? Where in your life do you need to balance out the constant fixing with letting it have a life of its own? What have you been trying to create that you’re afraid to put out into the world?

When we look at the New Moon’s hexagram, which in Human Design is known as a gate, the Moon will be in hexagram 44 and in line 6. Uncannily, it is called “He comes to meet with horns.” This is rather funny as the opposite zodiacal constellations for the Virgo and Libra New Moon are Pisces and Aries.

So we have the Ram that represents Aries, which represents new beginnings and the desire to jump right into doing. And we have the Pisces that is the end of an old cycle and the one that loves to dive deep underneath the surface. And then we have Virgo who seeks refinement and Libra who seeks balance.

With these opposites, we might feel some resistance here. We ourselves might be causing some friction. We might want to hold onto our comfort zone or stick to the illusionary safety that the willingness to compromise might cause. But sometimes we have to jump before we’re ready. We have to trust that we’ve done enough.

We are being called to let go of constant fine-tuning and allow space for exploration and transformation. This is the balancing act of the scales that this New Moon allows us to tap into. Sometimes it is in the doing that we find refinement and clarity.

So, whichever way we look at the symbols and the archetypes, maybe this New Moon is here to remind us that we can’t be in the refinement mode forever. That we can’t grasp onto things forever. There comes a point when we need to let go and put that thing out there, whatever that thing represents to us.

Balance is knowing when to let go, deciding that actually, this is good enough for now. And that does not mean that it is going to be like this for good. Just for right now.

Journal prompts for this New Moon to help you dive into self-inquiry:

What is that Aligned Intention that you are being called to bring forth?

What is that thing you keep fiddling with but not committing to releasing?

Where are you being called to find that balance of letting life carry you?

Where do you need to loosen the grip of the claw?