New Moon in Leo - Honouring Your Creative Expression

If you're following Western mainstream astrology, also known as Tropical astrology, you may be aware that the New Moon is in Virgo. However, when we look up at the sky, this New Moon is actually travelling through the constellation of Leo. That's also known as True Sidereal astrology. Neither is inferior or superior to the other. Rather, personally, I believe they both serve their purpose. And that purpose is something I am currently exploring in more depth, and I will be sure to talk about it more in the future.

When I think of Leo, I think of fire. I think of free self-expression. I think of that fire in our belly that fuels our joys and passions. To me, this fire manifests as goosebumps and as this burning and churning feeling in my sacral. These are the signs that tell me I am on the right path.

What does fire feel like to you?

Fire also makes me think of embodying our truth, no matter how bold or courageous it may seem to others. I think of stepping into our true selves and allowing the world to witness the whole of us, and to see the fire in each one of us. Towards the end of my time on social media, I decided to make my creative business account private. That act to some made them deem me as courageous. But I don't see it that way. I see that act as living my truth. I see it as aligning to my values and embodying them fully.

You see, I was no longer satisfied with the superficial interactions that social media encourages us to participate in. I no longer wanted the quantity but rather, I wanted the quality of deep and meaningful interactions.

Granted, I realised pretty quickly that social media is not the place for it. BUT... it was the beginning of some really beautiful friendships I have been able to cultivate further off social media. It brought some pretty amazing humans into my life. So, it is not all gloom and doom.

Leo is ruled by the Sun in astrology, and it lives in House 5 - the house of creativity and playfulness. Have you lost touch with your inner child? How can you reconnect to your inner child? What lights the fire in your belly? What lit you up as a child?

These are the energies that arise through me when I think of this New Moon in Leo that is occurring on the 6 or 7 September, depending on where in the world you are.

This New Moon will be transiting through hexagram 64, which is made up of Flame and Water. If you're not familiar with hexagrams and the I Ching, in short, it is an ancient Chinese divination system that can be used as an oracle. To me, it is but another tool that can be used to deepen your own knowing.

There have been various translations and interpretations over the years but these 3 books are my go-to's: The Richard Wilhelm translation of "I CHING or book of changes," Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog's "I CHING The Oracle of the Cosmic Way," and Kari Hohne's "The Essential I Ching: 64 Degrees of Nature's Wisdom." The latter you can access online.

When I think of Flame and Water, an image that comes to mind is water putting out the flame. Who is putting out your flame? Who is spraying water on your fire?

"Creativity is intimately linked to listening to the whisper of something larger than ourselves, something that plants the idea within us and guides our thoughts and actions to bring the idea into reality—the voice of the divine feminine."

- Pia Orleane -

Water is our unconsciousness, our emotional life, our intuition, our deep inner knowing. What's hidden in the depths of the water of your soul? What doubts and fears are holding you back from expressing your whole self in the world? How can you surrender to the flow of life to follow your joy more? How does it feel to follow that joy? How can you honour that?

How can you honour the fire in you?

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