The Year of Intentional Living

This was originally an Instagram post from 17 December 2020.

As the year was nearing its end, I was pondering on the next one. Things I'd love to explore. Things I'd love to have more of in my life, and less.

As the accident at the beginning of the year left me in a state of physical impairment, most of my plans were put on hold. Life seems to have been standing still. But reading through them today, I realize that actually, every single one of the intentions has been present in my daily life.

We don't realise how far we've come until we take a moment and look back and reflect.

A question I've been pondering recently...⁠

What needs to be true in my business and creative life next year?⁠

Thank you Jen Carrington for that beautiful and reflective question.⁠

*Creating from a place of joy - instead of jumping on bandwagons, I want to keep following my path and create what I want to create and make things that light up my soul.⁠

*Exploring sustainability in life and business - that means keep adopting more sustainable and greenish habits, in personal life as well as business. In business, this will mean exploring making with more sustainable materials that are closer to their natural state.⁠

*Showing up with more intention, in life, and on the internet - keep cultivating the boundaries between the internal need to share every little thing that stems from looking for external validation, that ultimately stems from my childhood. Replacing these damaging habits with more being at peace with who I am and less questioning my self-worth and giving the experiences of this life space they deserve without constantly sharing, sharing, and sharing. And being OK with "missing out"⁠ but also honoring my voice.

*Diving deeper into self-trust and listening to my gut - this year has been monumental in a few ways, especially when it comes to self-trust, walking away from things that need to die, and truly reconnecting with what brings me joy and lights me up. Next year will be all about deepening that connection.⁠

*Spending less time second-guessing and trying to adhere to the external voices and perceptions - there's a theme that inevitably emerged from 2020, and that is self-trust. Living for one's self and not for the external world. Speaking up when the need is there and not questioning how that is perceived by the external world.⁠

*Honouring this desire to explore the written word - that is something that's been at the back of my mind for a while. As a creative person who loves making art and consuming art, the written word is a big part of that. Who knows - maybe 2021 will be the year of blogs and newsletters?⁠